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The Newspaper Over Time
  Detroit Auto Scene is the longest-running free distribution newspaper in the United States, originating in the New Center Area of Detroit in 1933 as the New Center News. This was in an era that preceded the “shoppers” and the “alternative papers.” As Detroit’s auto industry evolved, so did the paper, taking the name Detroit Auto Scene after GM moved its headquarters to RenCen.
 The Tech Center News was established by us in 1976 for our readers that were being transferred to the GM Technical Center in Warren. As similar-ities began to emerge between the two newspapers, we started a third edition in Pontiac known as the Wide Track News. When Chrysler built its headquarters in adjoining Auburn Hills and GM built the Orion plant, the Pontiac paper morphed into the Oakland Tech News.
 In 2015, the Oakland paper was absorbed into Detroit Auto Scene, and continues as the “North Edition” of that newspaper.
 Though GM no longer has offices in the New Center Area, they continue to receive Detroit Auto Scene.
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